Town Council Declaration


Here is the copy of the Letter of Intent approved by Ashburton Town Council on Tuesday, 14th October 2015. Our blog about this great development was posted yesterday, and is entitled, ‘Ashburton, a refugee welcome town.’ Well said, the Council.

Europe is facing the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. We, at Ashburton Town Council, continue to be shocked by this humanitarian crisis unfolding across Europe and the death toll among people fleeing war, persecution, sexual violence and destitution.

We all want to live in a country we’re proud of. We want to be part of a nation that’s driven by hope and compassion, not fear and hatred. The Town Council recognises that it has limited power and resources, but has resolved to do what it can, to help facilitate the proper protection for the most vulnerable refugees.

We can –

• sign post local residents, willing to offer accommodation to refugees, to the relevant, recognised charities.

• facilitate a dialogue with the District and County Councils and our MP of our support for assimilating refugees into our communities.

• sign post local people to the relevant petitions that will encourage the government to fulfil its responsibility towards the most vulnerable refugees.

• encourage local people to raise and donate funds to the appropriate agencies working with refugees across Europe

• demonstrate the community’s welcome and acceptance of any new arrivals into our locality and introduce them to local services and opportunities

• guard against separatism and social polarisation.

The action we take today will help to decide the landscape of the future: we have a moral duty to extend the hand of friendship to those most in need.

The Town Council will be writing to our MP, County and District Council stating our position. There will be a full copy of the minutes available on the Town Council website.