We are all volunteers with jobs, families and other commitments. Any offer of help, however small or temporary, will be much appreciated. We are looking for volunteers to take on a variety of roles, including:

  1. Provide finger food for Open Arms event on Friday 13th May. Please contact Judy Gordon Jones if you can help.
  2. Administrative – such as typing minutes, photocopying, managing email lists etc.
  3. Helping to manage an email list.
  4. Distributing leaflets etc.
  5. Letter writing and lobbying – see December 2015 blogpost: Lobbying help.
  6. Managing our Twitter account and maintaining this website.

Please contact us if you can help.

Updated 09/05/2016

13th October 2015


Today, Tuesday 13th October, is the Ashburton Town Council meeting in which the council will discuss whether or not to adopt a Letter of Intent in support of our Refugee Welcome aims. We are going to present the Council with the signatures we have collected so far.

If you haven’t done so already, and you want to help us encourage the Council to take this step, please sign the petition. There are copies in No.14, Gifts and Gallery, Church’s and The Fish Deli.

If you have a petition sheet please drop it off by lunch time tomorrow at No.14. All petitions will be collected in the afternoon.

You can also write to the Council. Here’s a letter draft you might wish to use:

I am writing to ask you to make a commitment on behalf of the people of Ashburton to welcome refugees who may arrive in our area. Many people in town feel they want to help, and although it is probably unlikely any refugees will end up here, we want to welcome them if they do. Over a hundred people have already joined a group which has been set up in the town: see website here
If refugees do come, they would be likely to be placed by Teignbridge District Council, who we are hoping would be able to take 50 families. The accommodation would be organised by the Government/local authority, though interestingly The Dartington Hall Trust and Hazlewood House (near Kingsbridge) have already committed to providing temporary accommodation and/or short breaks if needed. Any support and welcome we could give locally in Ashburton would be likely to be in the form of befriending, driving people, helping them with their English, providing meals, therapeutic activities.
The Ashburton Refugees Welcome Group is already well established and has had two meetings. It would be wonderful if we could have the support of our elected councillors.
Thank you for reading.