Minutes of ARSN group meeting 09.05.16

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 9th May 2016 at the
Quaker Meeting House in Ashburton

Inga chaired the meeting and welcomed Yaara, Alexine, Pip, Judy GJ and Hilary.

Apologies were received from: Sarah Hopkins, Judy Marshall, Jenny Donaldson, Lucy Lepchani and Nigel Ward.

1. Matters arising:
i) Anna Dunscombe has volunteered to design and produce a LOGO for us.
ii) R.A.F.T Alexine has a ‘boot-load’ which she will deliver to Taunton this week and Jude Cranmer has volunteered to cover a shift for the Newton Crisis Aid at the Racecourse.

2. Modern Day Slavery:
Pip has yet to liaise with Ruth but will do so.
(This to be kept on the agenda for the next meeting)

3. South Devon Refugee Support Network:
Yaara provided an update on the meeting which she attended on the 19.04.16 and
she has a copy of the minutes if anyone would like to read them.

To précis –
i) The Dartington projects are ongoing and the relevant information
can be found on their web-site.
ii) Ashburton will devise and present the ‘Myth Busting’ gig on 20.05.16 as part of the Open Arms Festival.
iii) Saif is working on holding a ‘residential’ for refugees.
iv) The next SDRSN meeting is on Tuesday 24th May and Yaara & Inga will attend.

4. Open Arms Festival – catering for ‘Visible Ink’ Changing Places event 13.05.16:
i) JGJ reported on the list of contributors so far to the ‘Visible Ink’ event at St John’s church, Totnes.
ii) The menu, tasks and logistics were defined and accepted.
iii) There followed a short discussion on the form/presentation of our contribution to the ‘Myth Busting’ event on May 20th. Pip and Yaara to finalise.

5. About Time:
i) Inga and JGJ reported on their visit to Plymouth where they met Marlene Schuster who runs a drop-in centre once a week in Stoke Damerel Community Centre.
ii) Whilst they were able to help with cooking and serving lunch there were almost as many helpers as migrants. There appeared to be no way of knowing how many people would turn up each week and JGJ felt it was a long way to go t0 assist in this ad hoc way. Inga said that whilst there seem to be no refugees/ asylum seekers on this particular day, the people attending indeed felt isolated for various reasons.
iii) Marlene is keen to offer English lessons and indeed to increase the scope of the project both in terms of activities offered and their frequency.
iv) Inga was surprised at the paucity of attendees.
v) Inga and Jude left contact details should help be needed in the future.

(A discussion followed on what skills should be offered to women in particular- practical skills rather than sexist options?)

6. Syria Hope Society: – nothing to report at this time.

7. New Website: Yaara reported that Richard Gonski is in the process of building the new website. The process is ongoing.

8. Unaccompanied child refugees:
– We discussed the governments U TURN on such refugees and Yaara will put a link on our FB page to ‘Citizens UK’ which had launched a campaign to encourage families who are contemplating fostering to embark on the process early by contacting the appropriate agencies.
– Jude is to write a letter to the DCC asking where they stand on using their current fostering system to incorporate placing unaccompanied child refugees.

9. Date of the next meeting: MONDAY 6TH JUNE @ the Quaker Meeting House

10. Action following the meeting:
i) Anna to continue with LOGO design (item 1 above)
ii) Pip to liaise with Ruth (item 2 above).
iii) Yaara &/or Inga to attend SDRSN meeting on Tuesday 24.05.16 (item 3).
iv) Inge to stay in touch with Marlene (item 5).
v) Yaara to stay in touch with Syria Hope Society (item 6).
vi) Yaara to work with Richard on new website (item 7).
vii) Yaara to share information for prospective foster families (item 8).
viii) Yaara to publicise next meeting (item 9).